ConnectionsMeetup 2 Law of Attraction

By ultihesv

2) Law of Attraction

Focus – we attract more of what we focus on.

Don’t think about “Pink Elephants”. In my motorcycle drivers training course they taught us that if you look at what you want to avoid, you’ll hit it. Look at where you want to go.

Vibration – quantum physics… Everything is vibration. If we put out a higher more positive energy, we will attract more positive energy people and opportunities in our life.

Harmony – In music harmony is vibrations that go with another note or vibration. A note that doesn’t go with it is called discord. Frequencies that fight one another create discord. When we are in harmony we fit together and blend together. So when we disagree with someone, we are fighting against their frequency. If we look for ways to find where we agree, we will find more harmony.

Belief – we feel what we believe. It’s not the same as wanting or wishing.

When we believe in something we can feel it now, feel the joy and excitement, even when it has not yet become manifest, reality.

Gratitude – For thousands of years wise people recognized the power of gratitude.

If what we say about the Law of Attraction doesn’t resonate with you, then think of this as a practice of gratitude. An Attitude of Gratitude.

Gratitude drives out fear, and raises our vibration. I’ve heard you can be in fear or in gratitude, but not both at the same time. I’ve also heard that all feelings come down to either fear or love. If that is true, then gratitude takes us out of fear and puts is the frequency of love.


A special thing about Connections Meetup is the balance of being vulnerable and sharing my struggles, but not getting stuck on the struggles. We choose to return back to positive vibrations.