What is Ultimate Life

I wake up in the morning and I feel joy inside of me. I breathe, I relax,I roll over and look across at my husband. He’s still sleeping. It is such a joy to be able to look at this dear man, my partner, my friend, my mate. I feel the deepness of connection that we’ve built over the last couple years together. I watch as he opens his eyes, reaches out across the bed and touches me. there’s love in those fingertips. We make love. When we climb out of bed, we pull up the sheet, straighten the blankets and head out into this new day together. Often he will make breakfast allowing me to get ready for what I need to do. Sometimes we change rolls. sometimes we work together, we sit and eat together, enjoying each other’s company and sharing our thoughts for this new day.

Pain points (Hell)
Miserable? Disconnected? In a rut? Facing divorce? Feel s/he has gone psycho? Feeling lonely in your marriage? You are committed to being together, yet you feel alone, caved in on yourself, depressed, anxious, frustrated. “you can be Right” or you can be Happy?”


Benefits (Heaven)

Feeling deeper connection. Heard and loved. Seen and valued.
Connected. Calm and content. Happy together. Joyous voyagers through life. Filled with purpose.

How much are you willing to invest to move into joy, connection, fulfillment, happiness, purpose