Connections Meetup overview

By ultihesv

Connections Meetup overview

Note: read these with a focus of drawing out from the group these ideas. Better to have the group offer up these concepts rather than read these.

The 4 parts of connections meetup:

1 Safe Container –

Confidentiality– helps to build and develop trust. JudgmentsDon’t try to FIX – golden rule

2 Law of Attraction – VibrationHarmonyBeliefFocus

3 Conscious Communication –

Open listening, Speaking with compassion

with the intent to bless Be Vulnerable – “In to Me You See”

4 Celebration – Acknowledgement – Group Focus –

Now more about each part

  1. Safe Container –

There is so much to say about building a safe container.

Confidentiality – we don’t feel safe if we worry that others will share our vulnerable shares with others. What we say here stays here.

One of the most important elements of confidentiality is that it helps to build and develop trust.

Judgments – we don’t feel safe if we worry that others will judge us. We can have more connections when we set aside our judgments and just be curious instead.

True Connection Happens When We Release Cynicism and Judgment

“It seems more and more, cynicism is becoming the default setting for our collective consciousness. It’s the way to be now in this post-modern world.

Don’t trust people. Don’t show your feelings. Don’t give a damn, frankly.”