ConnectionsMeetup 4-Celebration

By ultihesv

4) ConnectionsMeetup-Celebration

Acknowledgement –

  • The Power of acknowledgement.
  • Acknowledgment builds intimacy and creates deeper connections.
  • Acknowledgement is the practice of gratitude in our connection with each other.

Group Focus –

  • Focus on a goal and feel the results. Attract it into our lives. Just think of the power of having a whole group focus with you, and believe in you, to help attract your goal into your life.
  • We focus our intention on a member’s goal to achieve together what we have not yet accomplished alone.  
  • We explore what lights you up and how you can achieve a higher level of joy.
  • We use the power of acknowledgment to encourage and transform.
  • We celebrate our victories together.

Balance –

I think one special thing about Connections Meetup is the balance of being vulnerable and celebrating each other and focusing our attention to help each other achieve our goals. True friendship in action.